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Vacation Recap

July 13, 2009

foggy weather
Having just returned to Philly, home of the cheese steak, Liberty Bell, and high speed internet access in my apartment, I’m picking up the blog where I left off several weeks ago. Although our vacation on Cape Cod was dampened by incessant rain and lowest-June-on-record temperatures, it was quite enjoyable nonetheless. We played some very spirited games of Scrabble, read a whole bunch, went the beach in the fog, and per usual, I cooked and cooked.

One memorable Cape-y meal included mussels, harvested from the nearby Town Cove, cooked with a bit of white wine, garlic and onion. The pasta, drained just before reaching al dente then tossed with the aforementioned cooking liquid until done, was the highlight.
mussels over pasta
When the rain did cease every few days, we rushed out to remedy any symptoms of cabin fever. On one of these instances, we went to a good ol’ clam shack called Liam’s on Nauset Beach in Orleans, MA. They’re famous for their onion rings (among other fried seafood delicacies) and for good reason–fried to order and unbelievably light and thin, these rings are likely the best I’ve had. An order of clam strips and a couple of Harpoon IPA’s rounded out the feast.

During those vacation weeks we brewed lots of iced tea with fresh mint from the garden and churned batches of homemade ice cream. There were plenty of baked goods and when the weather cooperated, burgers grilled outdoors and tuna sandwiches on the beach. No too shabby, all in all.

Stay tuned over the next week or so as I catch up on recipes from the vacation…Rum Raisin Ice Cream, Mega Chocolate Cookies, Thai Red Curry and more.

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