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Philadelphia Flower Show

March 4, 2010

not yo' mama's arrangement

Although this post is decidedly un-food related*, I can’t help sharing some pictures from my experience today at the Philadelphia Flower Show.  Courtesy of my dear friend Barbara, a seasoned [and highly decorated!] flower show exhibitor, I was able to spend the better part of today cruising through the many-acre display of all things botanical.  As first-time visitor, I was bowled over by the amount of time, resources, and pure artistry that go into this annual showcase. Although I was impressed throughout the show, a few exhibitors really captured my attention:

"Global Terrain" by Beautiful Blooms

Beautiful Blooms, a Philly based floral studio, created the beautiful display pictured above, using hundreds of small, suspended vases. In keeping with the Flower Show’s overarching “Passport to the World” theme, this exhibit was entitled “Global Terrain.” Although the crowds prevented me from capturing a good shot of the overall piece (which might help give a better sense of the “terrain” effect), the varied heights at which the flower-filled vases were hung alluded to the diverse topography of the earth.

Moda Botanica exterior

The graffiti adorned exterior of the Moda Botanica display

My favorite exhibit [by far!], was Moda Botanica’s “Box.” And based on the number of awards they received, it seems the judges agreed! This studio riffed on the “Passport to the World” theme with an eye toward global commerce–folks who know my artwork can imagine how this was right up my alley. The group used recycled shipping containers as the framework for the display, the interior of each functioning as a unique vignette in the scope of their shipping focus.

a detail of the hip and eerie looking dioramas set into the walls of the containers. can you spot the recycled materials?

A clever take on what would happen if a wedding-bound container was disturbed en route.

Love the sense of humor. Many of the flowers in this container were planted in kitchy ‘to-go’ coffee cups. Zip ties were found throughout the exhibit.

This ’second story’ container was home to a mini banana grove…

*Oh wait! I actually bought a packet of Thai basil seeds in the vast retail section of the show. When the ground softens they’re going straight into the garden–I’m already thinking about a cold summer salad of thinly sliced steak, basil and greens.

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