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My Kitchen/Studio Turns 2!

March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!

Can blogs have birthdays?

If so, My Kitchen/Studio is turning two today. To mark the occasion, I stuck two candles into the above cookie (a delicious gingersnap, I might add), promptly blew them out and as we speak, am proceeding to eat said cookie. Needless to say, we’re keeping it pretty low key for this year’s festivities.

It was the end of my senior year at RISD when I penned my first post and it’s kind of nuts how much has changed since those last few months in Providence. I had started this blog to document my foodie exploits and to divert my mind from the harsh whack of ‘the real world’ following 16+ consecutive years of schooling. Back then, I would have never imagined that two years later, I’d be more than halfway through culinary school and working on the line at a New York City restaurant. Pretty crazy stuff, eh?

In honor of hitting the two year mark, I’d like to review a handful of ‘greatest hits’ on the blog. Some of the following recipes have been heavily viewed over the past two years, while others are just staples of my at-home cooking repertoire.

1) Banana Bread: This recipe was handed down from my grandmother and is one that I have fully committed to memory. I return to it almost once a month when we happen to have a few overripe bananas kicking around. Studded with loads of walnuts, it makes the perfect tea-time snack, especially toasted and smeared with cream cheese.

2) Tuna Pasta: A staple of my college years-‐a cheap and healthy dinner that results from pantry-ready ingredients.

3) Joy of Cooking Hot Fudge: This is one of the most frequently visited recipes on the blog. Straight from the pages of The Joy of Cooking, it’s a classic that’s pretty hard to argue with.

4) Ice Cream Pie: Although the original post is for an ‘autumnal’ ice cream pie, this is an infinitely adaptable special-occasion dessert. I made one for my birthday party this past February-‐it featured a gingersnap crust, alternating layers of dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream, and homemade butterscotch sauce. It disappeared within seconds.

5) Granola Bars: A great breakfast item–highly portable and hugely satisfying.

6) Bulgar Salad with Eggplant, Feta and Mint Dressing: A great flavor combination and perfect for weekday lunches. I just bought the ingredients to throw together a batch this weekend.

7) Savory, Spicy Squash Soup: This is another frequently viewed post and a staple recipe in my kitchen. With a few croutons on top, and perhaps a dollop of plain yogurt, it’s one of my favorite meals. Ever.

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